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We are focused on maximizing value for our clients. Don’t take our word for it, each of our homes is rated and inspected by an independent Home Energy Rating System (HERS) professional. The lower the HERS score the more efficient the home. Here is how Nueva stacks up:

  • Most existing homes will have HERS scores over 120
  • New construction homes usually rate at about 90
  • Nueva designs for HERS scores in the 50-40 range

This cutting edge efficiency is offered to all of our clients, regardless of the price point. This means the home owner can save thousands of dollars a year in utility bills. We accomplish this by offering simple yet thoughtful improvements, such as:

  1. Exceed code required insulation R values on the walls, attic and foundations.
  2. Minimize uncontrolled air leakage in the home.
  3. Include an energy heel on our roof truss designs to maximize attic insulation.
  4. Use a highly efficient heat pump to meet the home’s cooling and heating demand.
  5. All electric home and use energy star appliances. No gas combustion also improves air quality in the home.
  6. Use an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) with dedicated fresh air supply and stale air removal ducts. The ERV brings in fresh air while conditioning the air.
  7. Take advantage of the home’s passive solar potential, to reduce winter heating needs.

Not satisfied? We can take it a step further. Our designs include provisions that allows us to readily add solar panels to offset the home’s carbon footprint and further reduce your utility bills.